Earth Sessions x Occidental College

Earth Sessions x Occidental College
Intersectional Environmentalist
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Project Description

Community-driven environmental justice concerts

Client Goal

Bringing together people with intersectional identities to find community, learn about climate justice, and spark local action.

Services Provided

  • Project management

  • Budget management

  • Event consulting

About the Partnership

Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) partnered with student leaders at the Sustainable Oxy Citizens Club (SOCC), FEAST Garden, and ASOC Sustainability Fund at Occidental (Oxy) College to host the first college Earth Sessions, co-produced by The Eyes & Ears Agency. This event took place on March 26 2023, featuring a free book giveaway, food and drinks from local businesses, a musical performance by Oxy student Alyssa Player, and a panel discussing radically imagining a just future for environmentalism with Oxy student Emma Galbraith, Oxy Professor Henry Aoki, and IE's Leah Thomas and Kiana Kazemi.

Photos by Nick Graves — Videos by Sophie Weil


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About IE

Intersectional Environmentalist (501(c)3) is a climate justice community and resource hub centering people of color and historically excluded voices.

About SOCC

A community of students at Occidental College committed to learning tools and habits to protect people & the planet.

Earth Sessions Eco-Poetry SF
Intersectional Environmentalist
Earth Sessions Eco-Poetry SF
Intersectional Environmentalist