Photo of Ekali

Project Description

Merchandise fundraiser

Client Goal

Supporting mental health initiatives in Syracuse, NY

Services Provided

  • Partnership ideation

  • Partnership management

  • Event liaison

  • Media relations

About the Partnership

The Eyes & Ears Agency recognized the need for mental health services to be supported in the town of Syracuse, NY - one of the stops on Ekali’s World Away Tour - and coordinated a partnership between the musician and local Central New York organization, ARISE. In order to generate the greatest impact, it was important to raise awareness as well as funds to support ARISE’s mental health and wellness programs. Through the partnership, a portion of Ekali’s merchandise sales at the Westcott Theater on March 7, 2020 were donated to ARISE. The Eyes & Ears Agency also arranged for ARISE to have an information booth at Ekali’s show where two clinicians were present to answer questions, provide information about the organization’s services, and spread awareness about their mission and work.

Ekali made an announcement on-stage during his set to highlight ARISE’s work in the local community and their partnership. Funds raised helped the organization launch tele-health visits for their clients during the on-set of the pandemic, as well as supported their efforts in providing individuals, families, and students with the tools, resources and services to improve their overall quality of life. After the concert, Ekali shared a video recapping the successful partnership and expressed his hopes to engage in more social impact work in the future!

Photos by Will Fudge

$ 200

funds raised

~ 700

fans reached

1540 +

social reach

"Guthrie [a clinician working in the mental health and wellness department at ARISE] said that by speaking out about mental health, music artists can empower fans to seek the help that they might need."
Mandy Kraynak at The Daily Orange

About the Artist

Ekali, world-renowned DJ and producer, is known to use his platform to champion mental health initiatives, hoping to destigmatize the conversation through sharing personal experiences and encouraging his fans to speak up and seek help when in need.

About the Organization

ARISE is an Independent Living Center (ILC), promoting the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. Offering a variety of services including a mental health clinic, ARISE believes in partnering with people of all ages and all types of disabilities as they work to achieve personal goals.

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Listening Room with PawPaw Rod
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