Floating x Earth Sessions

Floating x Earth Sessions
Intersectional Environmentalist
Leah Thomas for Feels Like Floating Collab with Earth Sessions Intersectional Environmentalist

Project Description

Community-driven environmental justice concerts

Client Goal

Bringing together people with intersectional identities through sound and nature experiences

Services Provided

  • Project & partnership management

  • Event consulting

  • Copywriting support

About the Partnership

Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) collaborated with Feels Like Floating, weekly sound and nature experiences in & around Los Angeles, to offer another Earth Sessions event on National Wildlife Day, co-produced by The Eyes & Ears Agency.

Floating x Earth Sessions took place on September 4, 2022 at TreePeople in Los Angeles. The event featured a guided hike by Noah the Naturalist, an eco-poetry reading by IE’s founder Leah Thomas, and beautiful mountain music from fingerstyle guitarist and flautist, Barry Johnson.

We are thrilled to be partnering with aligned groups and organizations to continue offering intimate and connected experiences for our community driven by art and activism!


total attendees

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About IE

Intersectional Environmentalist (501(c)3) is a climate justice community and resource hub centering people of color and historically excluded voices.

About Floating

Feels Like Floating is weekly sound and nature experiences in & around Los Angeles, finding abundance within & community all around us.

Earth Sessions Berkeley
Intersectional Environmentalist
Earth Sessions Berkeley
Intersectional Environmentalist