Future Earth x Usal x IE Earth Sessions

Future Earth x Usal x IE Earth Sessions
Intersectional Environmentalist
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Project Description

Community-driven environmental justice concerts

Client Goal

Create the infrastructure necessary for community-building by coming together to experience the power of music, share wisdom across communities and participate in educational experiences

Services Provided

  • Project management

  • Budget management

  • Talent booking

  • Communication and copywriting support

About the Partnership

Intersectional Environmentalist (IE), Future Earth (FE) and Usal co-hosted the seventh Earth Sessions event from an ongoing series of community-driven environmental justice concerts, co-produced by The Eyes & Ears Agency. Individually, IE, FE and Usal provide programming to give people the tools, knowledge and skills to address the largest ecological and environmental issues facing our planet. Together, the organizations are united in a mission to create the infrastructure necessary for community-building by coming together at events like Earth Sessions.

This Earth Sessions took place on November 13, 2022 at TreePeople’s Campus (45-acre park), and featured a breathwork and meditation led by Manoj Dias, co-founder of Open - a mindfulness studio built to transform your life. The event also featured a panel discussion with founders of IE, Future Earth and Usal (Leah Thomas, Max Moinian and Michael Washington), a screenprinting activation with Hit + Run and Goodfair, as well as an intimate musical performance from Amaria.

We extend a massive thank you to our sponsors and partners, Allbirds, Open, Goodfair and TreePeople, as well as Alter Eco, Better Booch, Alfred Coffee and Pulp Pantry for helping bring our Earth Sessions' vision to life.

Photos by Quinn Blackburn — Videos by Sam Hunter


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"We are thrilled to foster this joyful space and welcome folx to our manifestation of a future rooted in environmental justice, resistance, joy, art, and advocacy through Earth Sessions."
Kiana Kazemi, IE Director of Programming
Amaria, Leah Thomas, Usal Project, Future Earth and TreePeople at Earth Sessions LA

About IE

Intersectional Environmentalist (501(c)3) is a climate justice community and resource hub centering people of color and historically excluded voices.

About Future Earth

Future Earth Foundation (501(c)3) is a community and online platform that seeks to inspire meaningful engagement with the climate crisis. Their focus is on providing accessible, well sourced, educational resources to a diverse audience on social media.

About Usal

Usal provides bookable experiences for the modern nature enthusiast. They offer weekly workshops and activities across all things outdoor and sustainable hobby. Their mission is to provide inclusive and safe environments for all humans to learn.

Earth Sessions SF
Intersectional Environmentalist
Earth Sessions SF
Intersectional Environmentalist