Listening Room with PawPaw Rod

Listening Room with PawPaw Rod
Intersectional Environmentalist
PawPaw Rod at Listening Room in LA

Project Description

Community-driven environmental justice gatherings

Client Goal

Tap into the power of music to spread environmental awareness through intentional listening sessions, meditations, and conversations with artists and environmental justice activists

Services Provided

  • Project management

  • Event production

  • Budget management

  • Copywriting support

About the Partnership

Earth Sessions presents another Listening Room event with PawPaw Rod, a project powered by Intersectional Environmentalist in partnership with The Eyes & Ears Agency and Green Girl Productions. The Listening Room Series serves as an extension of Earth Sessions offerings, intended to create more space for climate and culture, art and activism to intersect.

This event took place on November 9 2023 at In Sheep's Clothing in Los Angeles. It celebrated the launch of Rod's Another PawPaw Rod EP with intentional listening, a conversation with environmental justice activist Kiana Kazemi, and an intimate performance.

Photos by Elian Gonzalez - Videos by Max Alldread



Listening Room with UMI
Intersectional Environmentalist
Listening Room with UMI
Intersectional Environmentalist