Earth Sessions Berkeley

Earth Sessions Berkeley
Intersectional Environmentalist
Earth Sessions Berkeley

Project Description

Community-driven environmental justice concerts

Client Goal

Bringing together people with intersectional identities for moments of reflection, connection, and joy while experiencing music and sound collectively within the context of a community-centered green space

Services Provided

  • Project management

  • Event consulting

  • Copywriting support

About the Partnership

Intersectional Environmentalist (IE), in partnership with The Eyes & Ears Agency, hosted our third Earth Sessions from our ongoing series of community driven environmental justice concerts. These events combine art and activism in order to hold space and create accessible, joyful, and educational moments for people with intersecting identities to find community and learn about climate justice.

Earth Sessions Berkeley took place on August 27, 2022 at the Berkeley Student Farms. The event featured a a pre-loved clothing sale with free IE zines, a bracelet-making workshop, and an intimate performance from Amaya Lim from Bike Lane to explore + celebrate the art of cultural craftsmanship + adornment.

We are so excited to continue creating these intimate and connected experiences for our community driven by art + activism!

Photos by @amirabelhedii and @it.jj


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About the Organization

Intersectional Environmentalist (501(c)3) is a climate justice community and resource hub centering people of color and historically excluded voices. They merge science, cultural wisdom, and creativity through curricula + interactive learning experiences to connect individuals with their local communities to root their environmental practice in equity and inclusion.

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Intersectional Environmentalist
Earth Sessions LA
Intersectional Environmentalist